Message from God: In The End All Will Be Alright

All will be well!

In the end everything will be and is good! Why is that certain?

The whole creation is vibration. The universe is made of vibration, the vibration of love. This is the highest form of harmony.

Everything that counteracts these vibrations, every disharmonious state has an expiration date and will one day be returned to its original state.

Unkindness and the separation of people from the source can never last for eternity – and so hell is also an invention of evil to obtain power over the souls of people.

Beloved people,

this training planet Earth fulfills its task in a unique way. Once you decided to participate in this game. To gain experiences and create states, which are possible only on this earth, was for you a great adventure, in which you wanted to participate absolutely.

New cycle begins!

Now the time is ripe to end this adventure. Many of you have learned the lessons, gained the desired experiences and completed the karmic balancing.

Now the great cycle ends and a new one begins: the cycle of Mother Earth’s return to the cosmic order.

All the present dissolutions of this matrix are subject to this process. What you see is the complete reconstruction of human society and the radical change in all areas of your life.

In the end, this change will bring true divine harmony to Earth and the longed-for unity of all remaining human beings.

This process of purification and re-determination will take away the basis of life on this earth from all still existing dark and destructive forces! They will take flight to more suitable planets in distant galaxies and universes.

What is to be understood is: The time for the upliftment of this earth has come now and that means: the light age is just as certain as the triumph of humans over the low nature.

Pay attention to YOU!

So stay in trust and promote your inner growth! Go into resonance with the vibration, which flows to you daily from the CENTRAL SUN and become daily bigger, wider, more conscious and more loving!

Pay attention to a good grounding and to a constantly high natural vibration. You achieve this through meditation, consciousness and transformation work.

This earth changes from the ground up and the people change with it.

In the end, there is no more room for the evilness you are still confronted with today, because in the end the light triumphs and love brings you salvation.

Go on and on, because on step and step I am with you!

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


Om Tove

Jeg heter Tove og er ei dame som kommer fra Fræna Kommune i Møre og Romsdal. Jeg bor for tiden i Bærum.

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